Secrist Gardens
3987 East Shore Road
St Charles, ID 83272

Welcome to Bear Lake. The Secrist Gardens of Idaho’s “Real Yard Sale” is located at, #3987, along the paved East Shore Road. A very distinctive engraved rock standing in the middle of masses of flowers will announce you are at the right place. Come in and visit.  The display gardens are well worth seeing. Perennials that are hardy, deer resistant, grow in sun or shade and every season can be seen thriving in the gardens. Being able to actually see how the plant grows and flowers helps the gardener make wise choices along with a 100% guarantee survival for a year. Gardening design suggestions are a part of our service.
Secrist Gardens in Idaho opens May 1st, but will close in stormy weather. Gift certificates are available for Mother’s Day or other occasions. We are open from 10.00 to 5:00. After or before hour appointments can be made with a phone call request. Secrist Gardens closes Labor Day weekend.

Secrist Gardens
" A Real Yard Sale "
All Photos taken in Secrist's Gardens