Secrist Gardens is excited to announce the publication of “Powerful Perennials” by Nedra Secrist.

This fine book is the culmination of the experience and knowledge gained over 62 years of gardening.
Finally the Western Rocky Mountain gardeners have a book written for their environment.  Within the books covers are local photos along with descriptions, growing features and the perennial’s ability to thrive in our cold winters, desert conditions, wildlife neighborhoods and difficult soils.

Every perennial offered by Secrist gardens and highlighted in “Powerful Perennials” has been garden tested for performance and hardiness in the higher, colder elevations of Bear Lake, Idaho and the warmer Wasatch Front gardens in Brigham City Utah.

“Powerful Perennials” offers in depth perennial introductions along with all kinds of gardening dilemma solutions, while proving that gardening is the most remarkable activity you will ever experience. This book is a “keeper” promising to become your most valuable gardening tool for years to come.
“Powerful Perennials” can be purchased very reasonably, from many on-line sources like Amazon - Barnes and Noble.- Cedar Fort Publishing
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